Do Your Vow Renewals Your Way at a Brisbane Ceremony

After many years of marriage (and in some cases, not that many), couples often choose to reaffirm their dedication and devotion to one another with a vow renewal ceremony. After planning your ceremony and coming up with the perfect wording for your vows, you’ll want to find someone who can officiate it and give your event just the right feel. Whims and Wishes can provide you with a fully licensed and qualified celebrant for your vow renewals anywhere in the Brisbane area who will work with you to make sure your ceremony is as special as the love you share.

Tips for a Fabulous Vow Renewal Ceremony

Your vow renewal ceremony should be as personal and unique as your marriage. While the decision to renew vows often occurs at certain anniversary milestones (such as on ruby, gold, or diamond anniversaries), you can hold a ceremony at any stage in the marriage. For example, some couples choose to renew their vows if they were originally married abroad and would now like the opportunity to celebrate their wedding with family and friends at home. 

No matter why you are interested in vow renewals in Brisbane, you deserve to have an experience that is as memorable as the first time you both said, “I do.”  Finding the right Brisbane vow renewal celebrants to share this moment with you could be the key to ensuring this ceremony is carried out to your exact needs and specifications. 

While there are some customs and traditional etiquette that surrounds vow renewal ceremonies (including when to have them done), in the end, your ceremony should feel right to you, regardless of others’ expectations. It may be helpful to consider how the two of you have grown, or how your lives have changed since you first got married, and to use this as inspiration when planning your event. Feel free to incorporate whatever traditions feel right for you, but also feel free to make new ones that best reflect your relationship as you stage your new ‘Special Day’ from beginning to end. After you have worked out the details, and are both satisfied with the ceremony’s content, you will need to select a celebrant for your vow renewals who is available in the Brisbane area. 

Reasons to Choose Whims and Wishes for Your Vow Renewal Ceremony in Brisbane

The celebrants available from Whims and Wishes are committed to ensuring that you and your spouse are the stars of your event and making sure that your desires are respected each step of the way. We believe in working with you as a team while adhering to a strict code of privacy, therefore we will respect your needs and any special requirements while you put together your vow renewal ceremony in Brisbane. 

If you have any questions about the services we provide, or our pricing, feel free to contact us by phone or by email at any time. We look forward to answering your enquiries and hope you will consider us as your Brisbane vow renewal celebrants while you put together the details of your ceremony. 


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