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Naming ceremonies can be a great alternative to christenings or other similar religious traditions for those who would like to share the arrival of their new child with friends and family in a non-denominational setting. It may be desirable if neither you or your partner follow any particular faith, or if you have a multi-faith household and would prefer a ceremony that allows everyone to participate with ease. If you want a celebrant for your naming ceremony in Brisbane, look no further than Whims and Wishes. 

More About Naming Ceremonies

Many people choose to have a naming ceremony to welcome the addition of a new child to the family. While they are mostly for infants, naming ceremonies can be performed for children of any age to affirm their identity and place within the home and can be a fantastic way to welcome stepchildren or adoptive children in particular. Because each child is so precious and unique, a naming ceremony in Brisbane may be the perfect way to honour the life-changing gifts that they bring to any family. 

There’s no single way to put together a non-denominational script for welcoming a baby or child into your community of family and friends. As the title would suggest, a major focus of most naming ceremonies done in Brisbane or elsewhere is the presentation of the child’s name, which is symbolic of their identity. Beyond this, you can either start with traditional faith-based scripts (such as those for christenings or Jewish naming celebrations) as a starting point for inspiration or begin entirely from scratch and create a ceremony that uniquely reflects your child and helps to promote a sense of family unity. 

Once you have decided on a script and the overall content for your naming ceremony, you’ll need to find a celebrant to officiate. Whims and Wishes has experience with facilitating a wide array of non-denominational ceremonies, with naming ceremonies being just one of the numerous services that we offer. We’d be happy to discuss with you whatever plans you may have for your naming ceremony and to set up a time to meet and figure out each detail so that your ceremony is truly one-of-a-kind and memorable. 

Whims and Wishes is Your Go-To Source for Naming Ceremonies in Brisbane

At Whims and Wishes, we go the extra mile to ensure that your family’s wishes and desires are met by our fully licensed Brisbane-area non-religious and SSM-supportive celebrants. We are committed to working with our clients as a team so that the ceremony goes exactly as you would like it from start to finish. We also honour a strict privacy policy, meaning you can rest assured that any details of your desired ceremony will be held in confidentiality. As a husband and wife team, we can provide either a male or female celebrant for your naming ceremony in Brisbane.

Getting started with a service from Whims and Wishes is easy. If you’re in Brisbane or anywhere else in southeast Queensland, you can contact us via email or by phone. We will respond to you as soon as possible to discuss whatever questions you may have, as well as our pricing and terms of service. We look forward to helping you and your family celebrate this special occasion in the way that best reflects your values and your child’s unique identity. 


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