Your Commitment Ceremony in Sunshine Coast

Some couples don’t want the legalities of marriage but want to commemorate their love and commitment to each other with their friends and family. In this case, they often decide to have a commitment ceremony. When looking for commitment ceremony celebrants in Sunshine Coast, Whim and Wishes Celebrant Services has everything for which you are seeking. We will cater the ceremony to your desires and will perform the ceremony at the location of your choosing.

Similarities and Differences Between Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies

As with weddings, commitment ceremonies can be simple affairs or extravagant events. They are both opportunities for the couple to make vows to each other in front of friends and family. You can incorporate their personal style using special themes just as one would in weddings. For example, Sunshine Coast Commitment Ceremonies can be vintage or contemporary and serious or fun.

The difference between weddings and commitment ceremonies involves the legal contracts. Marriages are legally binding contracts between two people that lock their lives together. Commitment ceremonies don’t involve the government’s laws and licenses, so there is no change in the legal obligations between the couple.

When people get married, one partner often takes the last name of the other. If you choose a commitment ceremony, you can still legally change your name if you so choose. If you want to change your name, you should start the process by visiting your state’s Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages.

Vows for Your Commitment Ceremony in Sunshine Coast

One of the ways our commitment ceremony celebrants differ from other officiants and clergy is the flexibility you have in creating the ceremony you desire. We focus on making the day about you, and we want to include everything that makes it special for you and your guests.

One way in which couples include a bit of their personal style is to write their own vows. Writing your vows allows you express yourself as only you can. Even though your vows will be unique to you, deciding on a common theme can help you get started.

Some couples are traditional even if they opt for a non-traditional commitment ceremony instead of a wedding and you can take inspiration from traditional vows. You may want to incorporate traits of your relationship to make your vows more personal.

Some couples are fun-loving and serious vows may seem forced or fake. If you are light-hearted and enjoy the levity in life, you can write funny vows. It may seem intimidating at first because you want guests to laugh while being sincere in your commitment. 

If you are looking for commitment ceremony celebrants in Sunshine Coast that will care about all the specifics of your ceremony as much as you, contact Whims and Wishes Celebrant Services. During the planning stages, we will discuss the details you want to include. We will also run a rehearsal the day before, so everybody understands the procedures, so you can be relaxed and enjoy the moment of your special day.


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